Council of Publishing Home Designers

Welcome to the website of the Council of Publishing Home Designers. You'll find lots of useful information on a variety of topics concerning the design, repair and refurbishment of homes, offices and other buildings.

As a Council, our purpose is to . . .

. . . assemble for the purpose of exchanging and discussing matters as they relate to the design and publishing of pre-design home plans.

. . . unite, promote and protect the interests of its members and the stock home plan market.

. . . establish plan standards in regard to both uniformity and quality.

. . . establish copyright standards and, if needed, help mediate disputes between members regarding such matters.

. . . create a forum between designers and publishers for the benefit of all involved.

In addition to the above, the aim of the website itself is to provide useful and informative articles on subjects relating to the planning and design as well as the refurbishment of homes and commercial properties. This will be useful to developers and planners alike from the top executive to the builder or decorator in the front line. It will also be found highly useful by the home owner who wishes to undertake their own home repairs and refurbishments that can realistically be done by non-professionals safely.

House Plan Marketing Association


. . . Communication with members.

. . . Clearinghouse for information.

. . . Commitment to the industry.

As an Organization . . .

. . . We are a group of professionals embracing excellence, ethics, and quality in design.

. . . We are a forum that includes education, networking and problem solving between designers and publishers for the mutual benefit of all involved.

. . . We establish, promote and enforce standards (plan standards, copyright standards, and information standards) within the industry.

What we are NOT: a for profit marketing entity