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Designing Homes for the Future

There are many factors that dictate the way in which any permanent dwelling is designed and built, not least of those being the laws of physics.

While designs can be fanciful, creative and even outlandish, there are still some rules that need to be adhered to if the finished building is to remain upright and provide protection for its inhabitants from the elements.

That means a structure must be sound and able to withstand reasonable local climate variations, earthbound vibration fluctuations and structural stresses without collapsing. However, as long as the basics of construction are followed, the actual visual impact of a home's design is open to the interpretation of the architect.

Future-proofing a dwelling is not only about style and panache, but is very much about erecting an edifice that should remain standing and in good order many decades into the future. "Modern" doesn't have to mean "throwaway" as much of current textile and product manufacturing seems to be aimed at.

Inspiring and Innovative

A modern building should be an inspiration to those with a keen interest in architecture and style while employing the latest and most innovative ideas to bring about magnificent creations that should last many lifetimes over.

We can learn a lot from history and in the longevity designed and built into buildings centuries ago that remain standing as testament to the foresight and technical skills of their creators.

Many purists look upon a cross section of "modern" buildings as looking sterile, bland, uninspiring and even downright ugly. In many cases these opinions are not without foundation!

That is why it is up to the creative skills of today's architects and designers to create buildings that have a natural beauty using local materials, builders and craftsmen to come up with a final result that will please everybody in creating a place to live that provides a comfortable home life for its inhabitants. It can be done, so let's do it!

Living in an Off-Grid Home

Living in an off-grid home or homesteading can be a great idea for those who are looking to live sustainably and take control of their own energy use.

An off-grid home is one that is not connected to the public power grid, and instead uses alternative sources of energy such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. These sources of energy are renewable and provide a clean, green energy solution.

Not only does living off-grid help to reduce the carbon footprint of the home, but it can also be a great way to save money on energy bills.

In addition to the environmental and financial advantages of living off-grid, there are also benefits to living in an off-grid home that are related to lifestyle. Off-grid living can provide a sense of independence and self-sufficiency, as it requires the homeowner to be responsible for their own energy needs

Take Control of Energy

This can be an empowering experience, as it allows the homeowner to take control of their energy use and make choices that are best for them.

It can also provide a unique opportunity to learn more about the processes of energy production and consumption, and the importance of renewable energy sources.

Finally, living off-grid can also be a great way to experience a simpler, more sustainable lifestyle. Off-grid homes often rely on simple, low-energy solutions for daily tasks such as heating, cooling, and cooking.

This can lead to a lifestyle that is focused on simplicity and efficiency, and can be a great way to reconnect with nature and the environment. It can offer a unique opportunity to live closer to nature, as it often requires a more rural or remote location.

All of these benefits make living in an off-grid home a great idea for those who are looking to live sustainably and take control of their own energy use.

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