Home Security

There are many ways in which your home may be at risk from burglars and depending upon the neighborhood you live in, these can be cause for real concern. Luckily, there are also many ways in which you can protect your home from the unthinkable and in this overview article, these means will be highlighted.

In a series of specialized articles, each security measure will be discussed in more detail so this series will build into a useful and informative resource where you can get some useful ideas as well as learn how to secure your home in a number of different, yet effective ways.

There are four main areas of home security that should take precedence over others and we'll look at these first, moving onto some of the more creative measures you can explore if your needs are greater than the average person and your budget can cover them.


The first line of defense against intruders getting into your home is to have sturdy locks fitted to windows and doors. Exterior doors should be of the highest anti-break-in rating, sturdy and strong.

Locks should comply with local standards and be strong enough to withstand being kicked in by a strong person. Window locks should also comply with local safety standards and although are not as intruder proof as door locks, will stall and frustrate a casual thief for long enough for them to give up and go somewhere else.


The visual deterrent of a home alarm system is often sufficient to ward off a casual intruder but will not deter a more determined character. Alarms should be sensitive enough to be triggered by an intrusion attempt but not so sensitive as to be easily set off by strong wind or thunderstorms.

An alarm that is triggered often for no good reason soon ceases to be a deterrent as neighbors become disinterested or even irritated and will not call the police.


Man's best friend has a multitude of positive effects on a home he lives in and one of them is acting as one of the most effective intruder deterrents there is. A barking dog will alert neighbors to an intruder's presence while a larger dog will ward off an intruder by his sheer strength and ability to injure by biting the intruder.

Outdoor Lighting

A dark house is a welcome sight to a would-be intruder and one that affords plenty of dark space outside where he can work quickly and unseen to pry open a window is like putting out a big welcome mat to a burglar. On the other hand, a well lit exterior affords no place to hide and skulk while a lit home leaves the impression that there may be someone at home.

All these are deterrents to a would-be intruder who will prefer to go somewhere else that is easier and less risky.

Other areas of home security entail specialist equipment and some technical know how to install and use them but there are some that are certainly worthy of more than a casual glance.


Electronic visual surveillance systems are growing in popularity as a means of protecting homes from intruders and when combined with motion detection lighting can put up an effective deterrent. After all, no thief wants their face to be visible on a camera for police to identify later.


This may sound a surprisingly simple idea, but a radio playing at a reasonable volume or a television set switched on in a home will deter casual intruders. This is because they will not risk breaking into a house where there may be a person inside listening to that radio or watching the TV set.

You could go one step further and play a recording of a long conversation between two or more people at the right volume can also deter casual intruders.

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