Security Systems for Home

The world in which we live is getting more dangerous each day and with a world recession happening and job losses rising, more and more people are turning to crime to pay the bills. Ok, that sounds like a gloom ridden apocalyptic picture of life in the western world, but there's no use burying your head in the sand and hoping it'll all go away.

It won't and if you don't take steps to protect your home and your family, you might just end up being the next statistic on the six o'clock news.

Consider Your Security

Now is always a good time to consider the security of your home and if yours is inadequate or non existent, it could be a consideration that might just save you a whole load of upset down the line. There are some very good quality affordable security systems for home that you might just want to take advantage of before it's too late...

There are several types of home security systems available from very simple ones right up to complex technologically advanced gadgets that can do just about everything except bash a burglar over the head. I'm sure they're working on that...

Fit Quality Locks

The simplest residential security systems of course consist of nothing more than good quality locks on all your doors and windows. This is your first line of defense and if you have good locks, the average burglar will go on to the next house looking for an easy way in.

Install a Good Alarm

Next up is an audible alarm system that will trigger if a door or window is opened while the system is set. They then get more innovative with infra red motion detectors that are triggered by a person in close proximity to doors and windows or other access points to the home.

Better systems incorporate security cameras and video home security systems allow you to record what the camera sees. These home security camera systems mainly act as a deterrent to all but the most determined thief as most casual house breakers will shun visible security devices such as cameras for fear of later being identified.

Another aspect to getting good use from cameras is to hook them up to a monitored home security system where a third party security company monitors your property remotely from their offices nearby while you are away. Some even offer this service on a 24/7 basis to provide you with complete peace of mind.

Go Low Tech and Get a Dog

The last and also one of the most effective of all security systems for home is not one that relies on technology, stout doors with heavy duty locks or even the diligent vigilance of a monitored home security alarm company. It's about as low tech as you can get but it's relatively cheap to obtain, free in some cases, has a reasonably affordable running cost but comes with fairly high maintenance.

This cheap and easy to install home security device is better known as a big dog! Yep, they're not everyone's first choice of security system but there is little better to ward off all but the most desperate thief than a loudly barking dog that has the capability of taking a large lump out of the seat of their pants!

The barking is something most professional burglars will shy away from as it raises too much unwanted attention from neighbors who are likely to call 911. In this technological age, it also means those same neighbors are likely standing at their windows with their cell phones ready to record whoever emerges from the house with the barking dog for posterity!

Whichever type of security systems for home or office you choose to take up, you're assured at least a better night's sleep than the guy down the road who has no security and doesn't like dogs!