Home Repair Business Startup

Starting your own home repair business may at first glance seem like a great way to go, especially if you face losing your job in the near future and you want to have a definite fall back plan. Even if you just lost your job and are looking as a way to get some income flowing into your bank account, starting up a business doing home repairs, refurbishments and decorating can be the perfect solution for a qualified person, or someone with highly developed skills in that area.

Let's take a look at some of the things that you will have to consider before getting started.

Getting Started with a Home repair Business

There are some things you will need to prepare before getting started on building your own business in this area. Some of these things will be pretty obvious, some not so obvious.

Having the Right Skills

It may sound like a total no brainer, but you need to have the right set of skills to be able to walk into someone's home and start making professional repairs that will be safe, correct and of good quality. Remember you will be charging people money for your services and if you want to stay in business, you had better do the best job you are capable of doing.

Word of mouth can bring you a lot of business when the word goes around that you do a great job for a fair price. On the flip side, if word goes round that you do shoddy job and are overpriced, you will soon need to be looking for another job!


When it comes to home repairs, you can never have enough of the right kind of tools for the job. make sure your tools are the best quality you can afford and all your equipment is up to date, properly serviced and certified safe to use. You do not want to be part way through a difficult home refurbishment job and have a power tool quit on you and not have a backup!

Home Office

When you work out of your own home, you will still need a professional office space as your base. You will need general office equipment and personal accounting books to begin with. A dedicated telephone line with a number different than your personal home number is useful too. It doesn't sound very professional when a new client phones you and another person in your household answers it thinking its one of their friends. You will also need a computer or laptop for research and contacting would-be clients via email etc. Don't forget the usual stationery items like paper, notepads, pens, stapler, paper clips etc.

Know Your Local Market

Conducting some local market research is a great way to find out if there is even a market for what you intend to do and it is not already saturated with other home repair people. It is amazing how many great ideas die in their first few months after launch because of omitting this vital step. Its no good getting started and having sunk all your assets into your business only to discover that there are a dozen or so highly qualified and well respected local home repair guys already hogging all the available clients.

Professional Help

lastly, you will need the services of certain professionals to help you run your business. An accountant is essential for making sure your finances and tax obligations are taken care of, while some legal advice on drafting invoices and contracts will ensure there are no legal slip ups. You will need professional business insurance to cover you at work and also to cover your clients for any accidents or potentially expensive mishaps.

Resource: For more information, please visit this web page: http://www.sba.gov/community/blogs/community-blogs/small-business-matters/turning-your-handyman-skills-profession-start