Putting Out the Welcome Mat

There are many aspects to getting a home just right, not only for the occupants, but also for visitors. Putting out the welcome mat is the first step in that process that defines how your home is perceived and ultimately, the people who live in it.

It's funny, but while many people put a lot of emphasis on getting their home the way they want it in terms of design and features, one of the lesser thought of points is how welcome you're going to make the visitors to your wonderful home. I'm not talking about how you greet them when you meet them at the front door, or how aesthetically pleasing and welcoming the atmosphere inside your home it, I'm talking about the first impression they're going to get at the point just before they rink your doorbell.

The Humble Doormat

Strange as it may seem, the mundane old doormat that is typically placed at the entrance to your home so people can wipe their feet before they enter has the potential to say a lot more about you, your home and the kind of welcome you are giving them. For most people, the bland, plain door mat is the preferred option for its pure function as a place to wipe feet.

The choice is often dictated by how resilient and potentially long lasting the mat will be. It often doesn't enter anyone's heads that this plain old functional strip of rough material can have a dual function.

Add Some Spice

You can now buy printed doormats with all manner of slogans, captions, images and clever designs to welcome your visitors the way you want to. Instead of a plain mat, now you can greet your guests with a humorous caption, often with a relevant image to go with it that is sure to raise a smile and subtly alter the mood in a positive way of the visitor.

Of course, some mats go further and can offer mild insults that should be taken in a humorous context (but may not be all the time by everyone). Some can be downright rude, in an attempt to depict the eccentric nature of the occupants' sense of humour!

But the fact remains that now we can pre-greet our guests with a funny line or image depending on the predominant type of character we attract to our homes and prime them with a little smile or at least an inner grin before we even open the door to say "Hi!"

You can find out more about these great products by following this link: funny doormats.